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Our Mission

During the colonial period, the Koh Leng Clan Association served fellow clansmen who were either working in Singapore or in transit to work in the region. The clan association functions as a self-help organization serving fellow clansmen.

In post war and post-independence Singapore, the association was officially registered as an organization in compliance with the legal requirements. During this time, the labor flow from China ceased. The newly independent states of South East Asia were developing their nationhood and their economies.

The focus of the clan association was then directed to the welfare of fellow clan members. In 1960, a fund was established to support our members in financial difficulties. This mutual help provided not only financial support but also gave emotional support during difficult times.

As Singapore’s economy took off, people’s lives were transformed from poverty to relative comfort. The focus of the clan association also evolved to serve new needs. Instead of welfare, the clan association set up a bursary fund in 1988 to support the education of the younger generation.

The clan association also serves as a cultural site for our younger generations to learn and immerse in our value system, learning the ancestral culture of Kinmen, and most importantly to foster our ties.

To keep the spirit of “Koh Leng”…marching on……